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Lodging Facilities

Accommodation options include the bungalows, the treehouses and the campsites. We hope you will fully enjoy this relaxing space within the quiet forest. Also, many living creatures can be seen in the forest.

  • Activities

    Here you will find a surprising treasure trove of Yambaru's living creatures. There are infinite ways of enjoying the abundance of nature. Move your body and breathe in the fresh air of the forest! Really make the most of the experience by joining a guided tour!

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  • The Yambaru Forest Toy Museum

    In the Museum there are many toys made from trees grown in Yambaru's forest, including Itajii evergreen and Okinawan pine trees. You will experience the charm of the forest through the warmth and beauty of the wood. Also, you can observe the heavens from the adjoining astronomical observatory.

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A message from Kunigami Forest Park
Many local residents and rare living things live together in the Forest Park area. As a precaution public access is generally limited to between 9am and 10pm and we ask for your understanding and cooperation with regard to the following prohibited activities.
  • Please do not:
  • ・damage or pick/collect plants or trees
  • ・capture animals
  • ・make loud noises; using karaoke machines, generators, etc.
  • ・use fireworks (including hand-held sparklers), open fires, camp fires, etc.
  • ・walk pets or allow pets to stay in the compound
  • ・park or stay overnight in camping vehicles without permission
  • ・litter by not putting all garbage including empty cans in a designated trash can
  • ・enter restricted areas


This is the entrance to Yambaru Forest, within the area designated as Yambaru National Park. Day and night, rare living creatures are going about their lives along the hilly roads and within the park grounds. Please show kindness to the local residents and critters by driving slowly and checking for living creatures on the roads.