Okinawa’s Yanbaru is one of Japan’s greatest treasure troves of living creatures.
At Kunigashira Forest Park, the entrance to the World Natural Heritage site, visitors can enjoy camping and bungalow accommodation, While enjoying camping or staying in a bungalow, you can feel the richness of nature in Okinawa, You can experience the richness of Okinawa’s abundant nature while camping or staying in a bungalow.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy an extraordinary experience while feeling the park’s natural surroundings.
Why don’t you spend a pleasant forest time for your body and mind while camping in Okinawa?




Stargazing tour

A starry sky navigator will invite you to the starry sky of Yanbaru.

Yanbaru Tingara Story

“Tingara” is an Okinawan dialect word meaning “Milky Way” or “galaxy.

In Okinawa, the Milky Way can be observed throughout the year, but in Yanbaru, where there are few streetlights, the band of light crossing the night sky looks beautiful.

The background music is the chirps of the Yanbaru creatures coming from the jet-black forests, and the experience of being surrounded by a star-filled sky.

Participants looking up at the star-filled sky of Yanbaru
This is the only campground in Okinawa that has an observatory attached!

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Starry sky memorial photo

Starry night photo

Tingara Trip

Yanbaru Forest Tour

Forest day tour

Participants observing riparian life


Why not take a leisurely stroll through the Yanbaru Forest?

If you feel like “getting in touch with nature,” why not join us for a leisurely and slow stroll through this mysterious forest?
You can smell the fragrance of leaves while observing plants unique to the Okinawan forest, listen to the sounds of birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees, and you may even come across creatures that are active during the daytime.
You are sure to make new discoveries that you do not notice on a daily basis.

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Forest Exploration Tour

Explore the forest at night


Let’s go on an adventure in the forest of Yanbaru!

The forests of Okinawa at night are also recommended.
Exploring the forest in the darkness without streetlights is full of excitement!
Listen carefully for the sounds of living creatures and try to spot them.
You may be able to encounter some of the world’s rare and endemic creatures of the Yanbaru region.

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Forest therapy



Let’s release your senses in the forests of the park, where the “healing effects of forests” have been scientifically recognized.

It has been proven that the forests of the parks along the forest therapy road have the power to heal us, release our daily tension and stress, and lead us to the state where our body should be. Expert guides will lead you on walks and exercises that will help you maintain and improve your physical and mental health and improve the effects of illnesses.
This tour is popular among women and the elderly.

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Yanbaru Forest Toy Museum

The museum has a large selection of toys made from trees grown in the Yanbaru forest, such as itajii and Ryukyu pine.
Experience the charm of the forest through the warmth and beauty of the trees.
Visitors can also enjoy astronomical observation at the adjacent observatory.

Park map