A short, yet rich outdoor experience
The bungalows are perfect for having a relaxing time in Yambaru’s forest, wrapped up in the comfortable warmth of the trees. Let yourself briefly lose track of time and soak up the restorative power of nature.
Check out
11am the following day
Number of buildings
Building capacity
1-4 people
31m² (per building)
A parking space in the same area is provided.

Please visit the Management Office in The Yanbaru Forest Toy Museum for reception services. In accordance with police guidance, please show a form of ID, (driving license, passport, etc.) when checking in.
Please note minors cannot stay without adults.

  • View accommodation options for The Bungalows
  • Phone reservationsReception hours: 09:00 – 17:00
    • *Same day reservations must be made by 10:30am.
    • *Reception hours are 09:00 – 16:00 during the “Golden Week” holiday period.
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  • Bungalow External Appearance
  • Bungalow Interior / 1st Floor
  • Bungalow Interior /
    View of 2nd Floor from 1st Floor
  • Bungalow Interior / 2nd Floor
  • Bungalow Interior / 2nd Floor
  • Bathroom / Toilet
  • Outdoor Kitchen Building
  • Kitchen Building Interior / Stove
  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • BBQ (Includes mesh grill)

  • Electrical outlet

  • Low table

  • Wi-Fi

*Electric appliances, bedding and tableware are not provided.

Kitchen Building

  • Kitchen Building
    There is an outdoor kitchen building. Please bring your own charcoal.

The precise kitchen building, shower building and toilet building locations are shown here

Download the Kunigami Forest Park Brochure

Instructions and precautions

Please ensure you read the usage guidance before making use of this facility.
Please do not engage in the following prohibited activities.

  • Please do not:
  • ・damage or pick/collect plants or trees
  • ・capture animals
  • ・make loud noises; using karaoke machines, generators, etc.
  • ・use fireworks (including hand-held sparklers), open fires, camp fires, etc.
  • ・walk pets or allow pets to stay in the compound
  • ・park or stay overnight in camping vehicles without permission
  • ・litter by not putting all garbage including empty cans in a designated trash can
  • ・enter restricted areas

*It is possible to book 2 months in advance.
A cancellation fee will be charged from 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.
We ask for your for your understanding and cooperation.