Staff introduction


下地 正敏camper name MOJI

\A word to our customers/

If you have anything to do with camping, please leave it to me!
We will be making various plans, so please look forward to it.

下地 正敏

Kunigami Village Forest Park is a treasure trove of creatures!

Thank you for your interest in Kunigami Village Forest Park.
This park is home to many rare plants and animals! Do you all know the sound of the Yanbaru rail? If you’re camping in a forest park, you can hear it every day!
They are especially loud in the morning and evening. Maybe we can meet!

The recommended day for camping is a rainy day. It’s hard to get your tent wet, but you should be able to feel with all your five senses that the sound of the rain and the scent of the forest are soothing to nature.

We look forward to your visit, whether it’s a day trip or an overnight stay.

About the staff

favorite camping style
group camping
Favorite outdoor manufacturer
favorite flower
Sakura azalea
Animals I’ve seen in the forest park
Lots of them, including Noguchi woodpecker!


宮城 和菜Camper name: Kanchan

In charge of everything

\A word to our customers/

I will do my best to help you have fun! !
Please go back and become friends with the forest of Yanbaru.

宮城 和菜

“Benefit, entrust, and feel nature”

Nice to meet you! ! My name is Kazuna and I was born in Kunigami! !
This forest park was a place where I played like a garden since I was little.
When the season comes, we collect shiitake berries, eat cherries, bayberries, and other nuts as snacks, chase lizards, make toys with leaves and grass, and on days when the stars shine, we relax on the grass and watch the night sky. I looked at it.

If you close your ears, you can hear the chirping of the Japanese rail and the drumming of the Japanese woodpecker; if you close your eyes, you can hear the scent of the nutritious forest; if you squint in the dark, you can see the sparkle of stars and fireflies, and even on rainy days, the wet leaves are sparkling. , you can see the energetic appearance of silicone newts swimming smoothly in puddles and frogs taking a natural shower ☆

Melt yourself into nature, surrender yourself, and feel the breath of the forest.
Please experience the nature that can only be found here♪
We are looking forward to seeing you and our forest friends! !

About the staff

Favorite camping style
Let’s all sit around the bonfire and enjoy drinks! !
Favorite outdoor manufacturer
CHUMS(My first tent was CHUMS!)
Favorite flower
Iju flowers seen from the balcony of the reception building
Animals I’ve seen in the forest park
A newt after the rain, a red mater and a young wild boar lurking in the darkness of the night, a baby wild boar killed by a crow, a woolly mouse nibbling on a pine cone, a brown frog keeping an eye out in the dark, just above the hole in the nest box. Noguchi woodpecker pecking
Someday I would like to meet the Yanbaru rail, which doesn’t show itself but is always singing cheerfully! !