This place is a surprising treasure trove of Yambaru’s living creatures!
From morning till night enjoy Yambaru’s nature to the fullest!

Explore Yambaru’s colorful nature on paths surrounded by broccoli-shaped Itajii evergreens, and beautiful laurel trees, while enjoying birdsong and flowers and trees of every season. If you are lucky you might see the rare Okinawan woodpecker and Rail birds. The stars of the Southern Cross can be seen clearly from Okinawa. Yambaru is one of the best spots for this as you can take in the night sky while experiencing the smells, animal sounds and cool breeze in the forest.

Recommended model schedule

Here is the PDF version of the map

Schedule Introduction

  • Set off from the Toy Museum
    Collect a map from the reception, check you are ready and then let’s get going!
  • 1

    Following the inviting smell of the forest…
    proceed along the relatively easy path and turn right to reveal a world of green. Enjoy the flowering trees, such as the Sazanka Camellia tree, as you continue down the path the lake will come into view.
  • 2

    Take it easy at Hetona Lake
    Please cross the floating bridge quietly while watching the aquatic birds, dragonflies and many other creatures. As you carefully study your surroundings you might catch a glimpse of the rare Okinawan Rail. Take in the trees as you head for the paved path.
  • 3

    Now into Yambaru’s forest we go
    From here we will explore Yambaru’s little forest. Close to the waterfront there are night-scented lilies and flying spider-monkey tree ferns rising skywards. These plants make you realize you are in a real subtropical forest. Immerse yourself in the seasonal colors, smells and sounds while trekking and take a break at the shelter along the way. Why not let the wild birds lead the way?
  • 4

    This is a real subtropical jungle!
    Let’s head for the final viewing platform located just off the path! The many Japanese evergreen oak (acorn) trees look like broccoli from above and provide a great view of Yambaru’s forest.
  • A superb viewing spot, The viewing platform
    Here you will find a viewing platform with a great view of the East China Sea! For overnight guests this is undoubtedly the best place for watching the sunset and observing the starry sky. After passing the campsite’s Open Relaxation Space you will reach a road. Watch out for cars and head back to the Toy Museum.

Instructions and precautions

On the trekking course there are steps, slopes and slippery sections. Also, dangerous Okinawan Habu Pit Vipers do live in this area. It may be dangerous to touch even the cute and well‐behaved animals. Please read the notes below carefully, and make sure you prepare properly to have a great time using insect repellant, sunscreen, etc.

  • ・Please bring clothes and shoes that you find it easy too move around in. Avoid bare feet and exposed footwear, such as sandals.
  • ・Remember to wear a hat and stay hydrated to protect yourself from the sun, branches and leaves!
  • ・Stay on the path and pay attention to your foot placement and any objects overhead!
  • ・There are shortcuts along the course, so listen to your body and choose your route according to how you feel!
  • ・We recommend walking with a guide to fully enjoy Yambaru’s nature.

Make the most of the experience with a guided tour!

  • The living creature observation tour
    Embark on an unforgettable adventure with a guide who knows everything about this region.
  • The forest therapy tour
    Kunigami-son is the only recognized forest therapy base in Okinawa. With the help of a Therapy Guide, really immerse yourself in the ambience and smells of the forest.
    More details can be found here
  • Stargazing
    Tonight please focus on Yambaru’s dark and silently beautiful starry sky. The view from the viewing platform is incredible, but there are also Zoomed In Tours at the astronomical observatory.
    More details can be found here