[Campsite] You can now make a bonfire!

Thank you for always using our service.

As the bonfire season has arrived, we would like to remind you that from April 1, 2022, it will be possible to light bonfires at the Kunigami Village Forest Park campsite.

We hope you will enjoy it while paying attention to the following points.


・Use a bonfire stand or bonfire sheet to light a bonfire that is gentle on the lawn.

・Bonfires can be used in four locations: the tree house, auto site, multipurpose plaza, and relaxing plaza.

Bunfires are still prohibited in bungalows and campgrounds, so please keep this in mind when making reservations.

・Please adjust the amount of firewood and enjoy the bonfire so that the ash and charcoal can be taken home as combustible garbage at the end.

・We can rent a bonfire set (bonfire stand, bonfire sheet, fire scissors, gloves, 2 kg of firewood) for 3,000 yen/night. Please use it if you do not have it.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.